Saturday, August 11, 2012

All Along...Gods Hands Have Been Guiding Me

Hyles-Anderson College

I can't believe it!!! In just 17 more days, I will be stepping onto campus as a second semester freshman at Hyles-Anderson College! I have to say, there defiantly have been a lot of emotions going on for me. At first I'm super excited, then I get a little nervous, then back to excited...As you can see, its mixed emotions! Ha! Just here recently, the feeling and emotion of, "Cassie, you have 17 days left" have really made me...sad...Ha, I don't know why. But its okay to feel that way, as long as we (I) don't dwell on that one feeling!

Hyles-Anderson College...I remember three years ago (2009) when my parents told me that I wouldn't be going back to Bob Jones University for my schooling. I was upset and was determined to go back, no matter what it took. You want to know what I learned from that experience? When God isn't in it, your not going anywhere.It took me a few months, but I finally accepted the fact that it wasn't Gods will for me to go back there. In the mean time, I had church family come up to me and say, "hey maybe you should attend Hyles-Anderson College (HAC)." When people would say that, I would smile and say, "maybe..." and in the inside, I was saying "I will never go there. I don't want to go where everyone else is going. People there are so stuck up..." Funny thing is, I was judging the school, before I ever got there...

I remember how God began working in my heart in 2010 about the school. I remember a guy preaching at our church, and the whole time He is preaching God was asking me, "are you going to give me all of you?" I kept thinking in my head, "what are you talking about..." As I sat through the message, Hyles-Anderson kept going through my head. It was like God trying to ask me and He was, "So if I called you to that school will you go?" 17 days, I am happy to say I will be a student there. God has defiantly brought me through a lot to show me that this is where He wants me to go. I remember back in 2011 having a meeting with my Sunday school teacher about going to college and what I need to do. He told me to write down a few colleges, pray about it and then come back to him. Ha, what do you think I did? I put HAC on the bottom and Bob Jones up on the top. I thought if HAC was on the bottom that God would never call me there...Well, in the same time as all of this is happening, a family in my church invited me to attend their sons graduation with them. Where? Hyles-Anderson College. I was about to give a lame excuse why I couldn't go, but instead, I prayed..."Lord if I am supposed to go, I pray that the people at work will allow me to go." They said, "Yes". That trip opened my eyes, and I knew after that trip that God wanted me there. The night of my friends graduation, I remember sitting i my seat watching them graduate and tears rolling down my face. In my head I began to pray, "Lord, I know this is where you want me. I am yours and I will go". I remember coming home and telling my preacher and how excited He was for me!!!

I wanted to go to school that fall ('11). I again tried to do everything in my power to get myself there, and nothing was going right. I was sad and depressed. I was confused and always worrying. I remember talking with my preacher and parents. My preacher told me that I need to obey my parents, as well as listen to what God said. My parents answer was..."wait". I was thinking, "how long will that be? Till im old?" Ha, I can say...I didn't have to wait long, and no, im not old. A year I had to wait. A year...God has done so much in my life this past year. He defiantly has been molding me and shaping me for what He has for me in the future. Looking back to what God has done to prepare me for what lies ahead, I wouldn't change. Has everything been easy? NO.  But who said the Christian life was going to be easy? 

I can't to see how God is going to use me at HAC! I can't wait to see how God is going to use HAC in my life! Through this next chapter in my life, I want God to continue to mold me and shape me for His perfect. Through this next chapter in life, I want to get to know my Lord on a higher level. Dont we serve and have an amazing Lord? Hyles-Anderson College, HERE I COME!!!!!

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