Friday, August 26, 2011

"Even In the Valley, God is good"

Wow, its been a long time since I have written on my blog, and alot has happend. I was going to say I don't know where to start, but what better way, than to give a summary of what God has been doing in my life since January 2011. Now, I know some of you are saying "come on Cassie...not from there..." but, stay with me. God has been doing a lot in my life, and still is.

God has been showing me this year, how important it is to lean on Him and to trust Him, even when I dont feel like it. At the beginning of this year, God had been dealing with me in my heart, about attending Christian college at Hyles-Anderson College, in Indiana. For the longest time ever, I didnt want to go to that school. Why you ask? For a lame reason. The reason of not wanting to go there because "everyone" in my church went there. Well God over the past few years had been really working on me, and not having a heard heart toward there. Well in March of 2011, God showed me that Hyles-Anderson College, was the place to go. I was soooo excited. I was able to visit the college twice since march, and I have totally fell in love with it! The people there (students, faculty and staff) truly love God, and want to serve Him with there all.

Like I said before, I was supper excited to attend Hyles, in the fall.I knew this is where God wanted me so I was ready to go. I came home, told my parents I wanted to go there, and started to get everything ready. I got accepted to the college, and I was then applying for one of the colleges scholarships, The Jericho Plan. I knew there was going to be a long time before I heard if I got the scholarship or not. I kept emailing people there and calling, to see exactly when we would find out. After weeks and weeks, a lady said that the week of July 18th, we would find out.

The week of July 18th was the week that my church was attending Youth Confrence at Hyles. I was really excited about it, so I signed up to go! We had a blast and heard some very convicting messages about the Cross. The cross...where Jesus bore His blood for me, and took away all my sins. The cross...where they guards pierced nails into His hands and feet for my sins. The cross...where they the stuck the crown of thorns into His head, and pierced His side, and He did for me and my sins, in hope that I would recieve salvation....
The week was coming to an end, and i knew that when I got home, I would find out if I was accepted to the Jericho plan or not....

I made it home and found one letter on my dresser. It wasnt the letter I wanted to see...It wasnt till about 5 weeks later, I got the letter....and it said...I did not recieve the scholarship...I tried to be strong, and I kept saying it was okay...but it wasnt. I was so sad and dissapointed. I started to question God on why I didnt get it..I should have known better. Well, I emailed my Preacher, and he wanted to meet with me and my parents about what was going to happen. In my head, I was expecting the meeting to go one way, but it so didnt go the way I thought it should.

I wont go into all the details that went on in the meeting, but I will tell you the end result. Preacher left me with two choices. He told me I could either go right now to college, or step back and try to save money to go at a later time. Everyone in that room agreed that they believed God was and has called me to attend that college. Preacher said that I need to listen to what God said, but to also listen to what my parents said. My parents suggested that I stay home and save money. I have to admitt something. I was not happy about that at all. After I have been accepted to the college I wasnt even going to get to attend? A couple days later I called the school to let them know, and the lady said she would just move all my stuff for next year. Thats a blessing :0)

The next few days or months....werent easy... I was going through a valley....a valley were I didnt see the light at the end. Friends and family were telling me that it is going to be okay, and I...I just didnt see that at all. People kept tellign me that He has me here still for a reason. I just didnt see how that could be, espically since I know He wants me at Hyles. On tuesday (8/23/2011), I was talking with a dear friend, and she just talked to me and reminded me again, that God has a reson for me being here. She than began to open her heart to me and just share some things, and through that, God used her to open up my eyes. He reminded me that He has blessed me and has allowed me to work in different ministries. Piano, Patch the Pirate club, Nursing Home, Jr Church, Choir, Teaching piano...blessing from the Lord. He reminded me that I need to give my all, and hey maybe Hes not finished. But I must keep going on. That night I began to see the light at the end of the valley. "Even in the valley, God is good, even in the valley, He is faithful and true, He carries his children through, like He said He would, even in the valley God is good."

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