Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who Said Saying Goodbye, Was Easy?

This past week, I have been saying goodbye to all of my friends that are heading back to Hyles-Anderson College..Who said saying goodbye was easy (I often remind myself). Man what a great summer I have had with all of my friends, and I truly hate to see this fun summer end. Well praise the Lord for memories, and memories I will cherish of the times we have had. My friend Mayra left on Tuesday, my friend Emily left Saturday, and the rest of my friends (Nicole, Whitney, Jerry, Elizabeth), they all leave tonight. Its gonna be a bittersweet moment, but I know they will be back either for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I guess for now I have to wait!

Yeah, those friends have either already left or will be leaving...But praise the Lord I have my very best friend, Jesus Christ, who never leaves me and is always with me, no matter what I may go through, through my ups and, "what a friend we have in Jesus!" But, I have a great church family that I still get to be with...a church family whom I truly love. I have my dear friend Shelley whose still here, and I am truly grateful for that as well.

Who said saying goodbye was easy? No one. Life goes on, and we must live our fullest for the Lord! That's what my plan is. No matter what life may throw at me, I must keep a positive attitude, and keep my focus on the Lord, and He will carry me on!

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