Saturday, January 9, 2010


OK. So sometime last week (I think it was Sunday), I was asked by a member in my church, if I was willing to watch her kids while she and her husband went on a cruise. I have to admit...I was totally nervous. Nervous you say? Why? Well because in total, I would be watching her 8 kids. I told her I would talk to my parents about it and they said it was ok. At first I was like there is absolutely no way Jose I could do this. That's a huge family. Dumb ole me forgot that I also come from a big family with 8 kids in it. To me its not the same. You see I am the third youngest out of 8 so there was no need for me to be watching anyone. It was more of the older ones watching us.

I kept trying to remember was there anytime I had to watch 8 kids by myself? Yes!!!! Yes there is. When my sister got married, I had to watch all my nieces and nephews(6 of them) and then some other kids that were there. It wasn't hard at all. That though gave me a peace of mind.

You know I kept praying and praying about it. I prayed that this would be the right thing to do. It made me nervous because I have to work, and also go to school and then watch them. But you know what? I kept thinking to myself, through everything that will be going on in my life, this could be away for God to teach me patience, or relying on Him for strength. So many lessons can come from this.

So...this afternoon will start Mission: Possible. For you see, "For with God, all things are possible..."

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  1. That's awesome Cassie! It's always important to remember that God hears our cries for help! He answers every prayer, always in HIS time!