Friday, September 2, 2011

"Fake It, Till You Make It"

This week, the phrase "fake it till you make it" has come up repeatedly in my mind. "Fake it till you make it"...I kept asking myself, "what does that mean to me?" This week has had its ups and down. One day I'm feeling great...and the next day, not so great. You all know what I am talking about. I'm sure we have all had one of these days, if not many. But, how do we handle the "not so great days." How do I handle those days? In my life, its so easy to become stressed out, about a bad day. Its so easy for me to get frustrated and upset about things that aren't going my way.  But that's where the phrase "fake it till you make it" comes in.

Isaiah 40:31 says, "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint." Constantly this week, I was reminded of this verse. It was, and still is, a great reminder to me, that when I am having a "not so great day", that I can turn to my Heavenly Father, and ask Him to help me get through the day. Let me tell you, He is and was there! Those days that started out rough? Didn't get rougher, but better! The days were I might have felt weak tired? He gave me the strength to get through the day.

Ive been saved for almost 11yrs now, and I'm just now understanding, and I'm just still learning, that when things come down my path that I never saw coming, I have a choice on how I can handle it. I can either let the trial and circumstances overwhelm me (which is what I normally do, because I'm human), or I can take that situation, and let God have control. Oh how I was reminded of that this Wednesday. I am a pianist for my church (Bailey's Grove Baptist Church), and this Wednesday, I felt like I had a lot going on with the music. I had to prepare for Patch the Pirate Club, Offertory, Congregational, and Prelude. I'm not going to lie, my mind was overwhelmed. Many times during the day at work, I found myself reviewing my music. I just wanted everything to be ok...As the time got closer to start, I just asked God to take control of the music. I told God I wanted Him to be glorified! What great peace He gave me. As I played for each thing, I knew and I felt Gods presence! Praise the Lord.

So, I guess I want to ask you this question. How do you handle circumstances and trials that may not be seen coming down the road? Do you. (I), stress, freak, let it take control? Or do you, (I), "fake it till you make it" and trust the Lord do get you through. Ha, I am not perfect by any means, and I do struggle with this. But I am learning, and it's amazing! So I challenge you, the next time something comes down your path, "fake it till you make it", and lean on Christ.

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